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Emmanuele Zuccarelli

Emmanuele Zuccarelli is an acclaimed session musician renowned for his exceptional guitar and bass skills that have made him highly sought after in the music industry. He has performed in over 40 states across the United States, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. Zuccarelli has recently focused on studio work, where his expertise in music production has made him a celebrated figure. Alongside his music career, Zuccarelli has also gained recognition for his mixed-media artistry, including graffiti-inspired illustrations, oil paintings, and sculptures for clients and organizations. His passion for the arts has fueled his quick proficiency in sculpting, which continues to grow and evolve. Zuccarelli’s academic background is just as impressive as his artistic and musical achievements. After graduating from high school, he attended Oregon State University’s College of Liberal Arts, where he excelled and graduated with honors. During his time at college, he laid the foundation for his successful career as a session musician, showcasing his passion for music and talent for performance.

In addition to his impressive music career, Zuccarelli is committed to giving back to his local community. He has devoted much of his time to working with local non-profit organizations in Multnomah County and Douglas County, where he grew up. In 2023, Zuccarelli embarks on another exciting project. He will be traveling overseas with an internationally acclaimed musical artist with whom he has collaborated since 2005, serving as their go-to session drummer. This project reflects Zuccarelli’s unwavering determination to pursue his passion for music, which will undoubtedly continue to drive his success in the future.

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